More then 16 zones

Considering purchasing 2 Rachio controllers - problem is, I have 17 zones on a Hunter ICC controller today. I’ve read the other comments on this board but not quite sure I understand what is entailed in first hooking up multiple Rachio’s and then how you manage them. How do you make sure they don’t run at the same time, etc. I found the attached picture on Amazon where someone has clearly connected multiple Rachio’s together, but can’t seem to find any instructions on that. Can someone help me?


30-zone user here, and I feel your pain. While it sounds like a multi-controller dashboard is on the drawing board, it’s not here now.

If you need to keep them from running at the same time due to water supply capacity, you would simply choose which days each controller could run on a Flex schedule. In your case, I would roughly balance the load on the two controllers so each could water when conditions warrant. In the worst case, a zone gets watered a day later than it would like, which isn’t really a big deal at all.


@scottcar Any chance you could run two zones on one controller?


I was curious about the 2 zones on one controller - I’m not an expert here, but that is simply dependent on if your water pressure will support it? I have a pump that increases water pressure - would the pump work for both zones in that case? You’d think I could figure out a way to reduce 1 zone such that I could get this down to 16.

@scottcar Our hardware engineer said that technically it is possible to run two zones, now whether or not you have the water pressure I can’t comment on :wink:

Might be worth working with an irrigation professional to see if it is an option for consolidation.


@scottcar if you would like I can see about having an irrigation professional assist you.

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Thanks George - we work with one already who is well schooled in Rachio - thanks anyway however!

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That is great news!