More than 1 zone running during individual zone run

I have 6 zones and zone 1 always runs with every other zone unintentionally. I have been unable to figure out why that is.

Any help is appreciated

Sounds like the zone 1’s valve might need to get rebuilt. Other possibilities, but usually not the case, something happened with wiring or the controller.

Thanks, I just watched a video on that and will give it a try as the valve is likely original to when the house was built and the system was installed.

I do not know what the video said, but it is usually easiest to get a new one (if it is still made) and just replace all the guts of the new into the old.

You are exactly right. The video recommended the same. I just hope I can find the same unit. It I have to cut it out to replace it will be much more time consuming.

Report back with how it works, but the diaphragms work of pressure on the front and back side to turn on/off. It it is failing, when a valve on the same line turns on, that quick drop in line pressure can cause the diaphragm to lose that negative pressure holding it closed, and will turn itself on.

So, I finally got around to replacing all 7 diaphragms, and there were a few that had seen better days or that just had a lot of grit in them. While testing, I still fail to get proper pressure for an individual zone as the one zone I mentioned continues to run on all zones even when disabled in the app. It is causing that area to get waterlogged. I can only guess it might be a wiring issue?

With it running with all zones, it seems like a valve problem instead of wiring. Maybe verify by disconnecting wires

Just to be clear, disconnect the valve wire at the diaphragm’s or controller?


I would do that at the controller end instead of messing with the waterproof wire nuts.