More plant type settings

It would be great if zones could accommodate more plant types. Deciduous trees versus evergreen trees. Fruit trees need different watering schedules than landscaping trees. Citrus trees need different schedules as well. I have stone fruit trees on one valve (zone) and citrus trees on another. Is there any thought to increasing the number of types or are we to manually work through these plant needs?

While that isn’t the worst idea, all those plant types are doing is changing the advanced settings of the zones (crop coefficient, root depth, etc.). You could easily make those adjustments on your zones.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a MASSIVE difference between deciduous trees and evergreen trees when it comes to watering needs, generally speaking. Specific species within those classes can have variations, but chances of anyone having ALL one type on a zone is slim. Good on your for having your fruit trees on their own! That is my task this winter. My fruit trees were tied in with standard “trees” and they are different enough that I do spend a little quality time hand watering in the summer.