More and Less feature in scheduling

Yesterday I made a change to my watering schedule using the more and less.

For a couple of zones it wanted to water it for 70 minutes each. With the more and less feature I reduced it to 35 minutes.

This morning I checked the moisture levels in the webapp, and it shows it’s at about 90% (which is fine).

What I am wondering is, if it would have watered (like it wanted) for the full 70 minutes, would the app also show it at 90% or would it have stopped earlier or would it ‘overflow’ the zone?

(Just trying to tame the beast :slight_smile: )

If you are using a Flex schedule, you need to tweak the zone properties much more. Likely you are using all the defaults. Dial in the zone size, turf kind, soil type, etc and you can look to see if you are able to reduce the time.

That was one of the first things I did, the day that it wanted to water was perfect, I’m just wondering why it wanted to water for 70 minutes, when 35 minutes brought the zone to 90%?

See the pic:

When you use the more/less feature, the irrigation inches in the moisture level chart will not change from what the original schedule (without the more/less) had. The logic behind this is discussed in this thread

Also please post a moisture level pic showing the detail data under “More Detail”. It makes it much easier to see why something happened.

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It would not have stopped earlier.
As @linn suggested, have advanced details would help. A low efficiency would cause it to want to water for a very long time to bring the less watered parts up to filed capacity.

A high awc could cause it as organic material swells, absorbing the water.

Ok, here are all the settings and details.

@mbeijen. This is beside the point of your original post, but I notice that you have grass for the vegetation your but your picture and label say shrubs. Just making sure that it’s intentional as the vegetation type will set the crop coefficient, which will in turn influence your watering intervals.

Ok, so, yes, it would have watered above field capacity, which is ok, your soil should reach filed capacity after a day or 2, what the scheduler is trying to do is reach your available water capacity which is 6 inch * .15 = .9 inches of water your soil can hold, based on the second set of images you have posted, your mad is at 80% so the amount of water to be put out is .9 * .8 = .72 inches of water. I can see percip rate so I can’t really work any further.

Is this the same zone in question because these 2 graphs don’t line up with each other, it seems.

@mbeijen, I would also set your more/less adjustment back to zero. Pay attention to the More detail charts for a week or two so that you understand what it happening with this zone, and it you are not happy with the visual results you are seeing with your plants, then tweak with more/less. Since more/less adjustments do not show in the moisture level results, playing with them just confuses things at the beginning.