More accurate rain detection

I use an app on my iPhone called Dark Sky which is extremely accurate at forecasting rain. Perhaps Rachio should team up with them as that would likely allow even better rain detection perhaps without the user having to select a weather station. For example, in my case, the closet weather station is 13 miles away so I have to choose a personal weather station even though Rachio doesn’t recommend that. With Dark Sky, it knows when it’s going to start raining, for how long and whether the rain will light, medium or heavy.

Yea weather underground is pretty accurate too. I would like to see an integreation there as well

While we’re still working on an “official” integration of WU here at Rachio, there are some options available to loop that network in.

See this thread for further info on that.

Happy watering!
~Lucas :rachio:

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Thanx man, I’m just gonna wait.

Thanks @Lucas , unfortunately there is no option for Android, I believe.

Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations