More accurate and and easy water use measurement setup

Forgive me if this is a redundant suggestion. Currently Rachio’s water metrics are very inaccurate for me – they’re way off. Plus, I find it impenetrable to sort out how I’m supposed to indicate how each of my zones are configured.

In my case it should be quite simple – I’ve got all zones on driplines with 1 GPH emitters on each line, and one zone with sprayers. It seems to me that the easiest way to measure the water use would either be to:

  1. Have me input the number of emitters and each of their flow rates for each zone, or

  2. Set up a calibration step where a zone is run for a certain time and the volume of water used as read from the house water meter can be input. Naturally no other water could be used in the house during this step. This would probably be less accurate and more wasteful of water, but it’d be faster.

Hi @kohlab-

Configuring your usage can get a bit tricky. Here is a great calculator to configure your settings to tune in usage. Keep in mind that we use a combination of nozzle precipitation rate and zone size to determine usage, so make sure those are both correct (more on that here). Regardless, I don’t disagree this process could be greatly improved! Here is an interesting thread regarding some of the ideas you had. I hope that helps!

McKynzee :rachio: