Monthly Watering History


My Lawn is set at flexible watering schedule.

I want to be able to see at a glance on the past month’s history of the days it watered and overall how long it watered each day.

Instead when I look at the history it gives me a detailed version of how much it watered each section of my lawn in the past watering schedule.

How do I see my PAST MONTH history of the days it watered and the overall length of watering for the days.

Also is it possible to see my planned watering schedule for the month. Some color dots of the planned water days and another color dot for the actual watered day of the month would be helpful. And clicking those dots to see the total time watered would be useful.


You can download previous usage data.

If you navigate to the calendar screen you can see the watering schedule for the current and future months.

Hope this helps.