Monthly Maintenance Schedule

I have a gen 3 and I run a flex daily schedule, really enjoyed the savings on my water bill. One drawback I have found is that you could experience long periods, months at a time, where a zone is not turned on at all. This is great for savings, but its not great for the maintenance of my system. I would like to add a second schedule that would ensure that all my zones were activated at least once a month for a few minutes, so that the rubber diaphragm in the valves would not dry-out/dry rot due to a long period of none use, but I have found that the limitation in all the schedule options is only for weekly watering, so I can not set up the schedule for a specific day of the month. It would be great if there was a ā€œmaintenanceā€ option on the schedule that would do this for meā€¦observing freeze skips.

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didnā€™t know not using the valves could result in damage to the diaphragm, but makes sense. In absence of a way to deal with it via Rachio, all we can do is set up a Reminder or a calendar event to let us know. Or perhaps there is a way-- IFTTT might be able fire off the sprinklers at a certain date? Not elegant but possibly an option to take the human-action element out of the equation.