Monthly Email Notification from Rachio

I just received my first email notifications from Rachio. Two of them I understand; they pertain to test Flex Monthly schedules I set up as a test, and which are disabled. Rachio has advised me that their intervals and times have changed, even though they are disabled (as I said, I was using them only for testing and comparison).

The 3rd email has me stumped: It’s for a Fixed schedule of 3 minutes every mid-day, to keep the back yard zone’s flowers cool and fill a bird bath. But, even though it’s a FIXED schedule, it has changed its run time from 2 minutes to 2 minutes (yes, that’s what it said).

  1. I’ve confirmed by looking at the schedule, that it was set at 3 minutes, and appears still set for 3 minutes. I’ve also checked the history, and it has run at 3 minutes, even this morning (but before the emails). Is it (or will it be) changing in the background without being seen?

  2. I did not realize that Seasonal Shift also works on Fixed schedules (even though it was checked by default). Understanding that, I assume whenever you first make up a Fixed Schedule with Seasonal Shift, it uses THAT month as a reference, then shifts up or down accordingly? So setting a new schedule for, say, 10 minutes in March vs 10 minutes in July, would result in a very different watering time for August? If so, that might be made more clear somewhere.