Monitoring flows Rachio does not activate & export

I’ve recently installed an everydrop flow meter in my Rachio 3 system. It monitors all my irrigation, not just the 3 zones that are controlled by the rachio. I have two simple goals, but they do not seem to be possible with current Rachio software. Anyone found a way?

  1. Get data on flow. Rachio will multiply the calibrated flow rate by the watering time of the zone and provide the gallons used. The meter is being monitored continuously, but there seems to be no way to export the data - or for that matter to see any of the data other than the little zone report.

  2. Inform rachio of scheduled watering that it does not activate. When drip controllers that are not on the Rachio go on, it detects “the leak”. This means that it IS doing the monitoring we would like to get to in #1. At least if were possible to enter a schedule with no activated zones it would be able to report usage over these intervals and detect leaks outside them

Has anyone been able to use the water meter for more than the very narrow use case of Rachio-activated zones?