Moisture table updates

I just noticed I’m putting down 0.42" on my lawn and was thinking it should be closer to an inche. I was at a 7" root depth and then changed the root depth to 9". I looked at the table and it still said flex was s putting down 0.42". Does the inches of water update happen later and that’s why I wasn’t seeing a change? I put the depth back to 7" for now, but please let me know if I should expect to see an immediate change in the moisture table for flex daily after a root depth change, or if it gets recalculated later.


@azdavidr You should see an update to depth for last 2 days and future events in the graph only. Can you please verify that those change upon RZD change.

This is what I see with 8" RZD, then after changing it to 9". They seem identical other than the time on my phone. The table doesn’t change either @theflexdude.

@azdavidr Future dates, today and yesterday. We do not change irrigation events older than yesterday. Also please expand the details.

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Ok, I see the changes now @theflexdude. The problem was I was looking at the table and scrolling right, assuming the ones on the right were future dates. When I used the arrow to move to future dates on the graph THEN expanded details I see the updated values. Sorry for my confusion, and thanks for the help!