Moisture sensors (again)

50+ asks for wireless moisture sensors in search, so I won’t bother with another.

How about another alternative idea: Allow us to put in soil moisture readings then you adjust the watering parameters for us?

You are already graphically predicting the moisture level based on our settings, and allowing us to reset it. How about letting us take some readings over a few weeks and adjust the drainage curve with measured data?

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Hoping the new app supported this :smiley:


Lame. This system runs open loop and offers no simplified way to correct when it is off target.

So, I am just curious…and I am not being snarky or anything…I seriously am trying to figure out what I am missing. Given that that there are over 20 wifi sprinkler controllers on the market and some do support wireless moisture sensors very specifically, why wouldn’t you have just gotten one of those instead? (or have you had this for so many years that it predated the others?)

Couple of reasons. 1 is date. This thread is almost two years old, and the options where smaller.

2 is supplier longevity. I had some wireless moisture sensors with a matching controller, and the company went under, took down the server and bricked all the hardware.

3 is learning. I’ve tried a bunch of electronic moisture sensors and they generally suck. They need a good electrical contact to gather good data and this changes over time too much for them to be a ‘fit and forget’ installation.

4 is signal. BTLE would be a PITA back to the controller which is inside the house. Zigbee or the latest BT with meshing would be better.

OK, thanks. #2 is going to be a huge problem for thousands of devices people buy and don’t understand that issue.

There is a zigbee moisture sensor sold on Amazon that I have heard good things about, but yes would require the compatible controller.