Moisture Levels not right after Fill and then rain

This doesn’t look right. Here’s the scenario. Yesterday, we had a 30% chance of rain. We’ve had rain for several days and my soil was still super soaked, yet the moisture level was going down fast. So I set all my zones to FILL. Then late in the afternoon we got rain and a lot of it. 1.00 inches according to the PWS I use. Last night before I went to bed, the Zones showed 1.04 inches of rain. But now this is what I see today. The starting moisture level is 0. That just can’t be right. Shouldn’t they have a moisture level of 110% after all that rain? And the precip which was a couple of hours after I did the fill to 100% shows as 0. Any idea what is going on?


Did some research, on a fill/empty we remove all the irrigation and precipitation events for the day to get you to exactly 100% or 0%.

I believe (at least for precipitation data) we should keep that for the day. I’ll create a defect and we will apply this patch in a future release.

Thanks for reporting!