Moisture levels not matching sensor

I switched my front lawn to Flex Daily and have a Toro moisture senor that Rachio recommended. I let the Flex daily start it’s primary watering. I then left the moisture sensor in the lawn at the recommended location per Toro for a few days and when it read 100% I set the moisture level for my Front Yard Zone on Rachio to Full.

After about 2 weeks I am noticing that the Toro moisture sensor and the Rachio Moisture level for my Front Yard Zone are off by 20 to 50% depending on the day. The Toro unit is showing much less moisture. The lawn appears to be ok but I am just trying to determine the cause of the difference.

Thank you

This is an interesting scenario. I have often wondered how the Toro Precision Soil Sensor would work with Rachio. It sounds like the two are fighting each other. Before I installed my Rachio, I had a Toro Evolution controller. One sensor port was for my soil sensor, which was installed in my full sun bermuda. In the backyard I had an ET sensor for fescue. I set the controller for a July schedule. Actually everything worked great, but there was no smartphone interface. I have found Rachio to be so accurate I have no need for a soil sensor or a rain sensor. The only way I can see Rachio to work with the Toro sensor is to bypass all smart features with the Rachio controller. But is this possible? I don’t know.

Hey @jnyphoto-

Are you zones accurately configured? Rachio could be tracking moisture incorrectly if it does not have the correct settings for each zone. It’s tricky because I don’t have any experience with the Toro sensor, and don’t know how accurate it typically is. Which sensor reading seems more correct to you based on the health of your lawn?

McKynzee :rachio: