Moisture Level's Adjust Button is missing

I have shared access with a customer. She’s been on standby and offline for over a month. She’s had internet issues. She’s back online today. But I have an issue with the moisture’s adjust button. It’s missing on my Android tablet and iPhone. The graph and more detail button is there.

My Windows 10 Surface with the Rachio app seems to be fine. It’s got the adjust button. I went ahead and filled the levels. My iPhone and Surface now show the new schedule after adjusting the moisture from the Surface.

The iPhone doesn’t show the updated moisture on the zone screen, but does on the graph. Something else interesting is all the zones have moisture on the iPhone. I’m guessing it’s using the last saved levels before going offline? My tablet does show the updated moisture levels on the zone screen and graph.

I also switched to a closer PWS using the iPhone. My Windows 10 app and iPhone show the new PWS, but the tablet does not. Nor does the tablet show an updated schedule.

Trying to figure out what’s going on.


The development team was able to reproduce this and does look like an issue with the moisture graph and shared access. I’ll work with them on prioritization. Thanks for reporting!


If you do see data discrepancies on different devices (after updating on another device) a pull-to-refresh (go to the dashboard and at the top of the screen pull down) will typically re-sync the data.

Hope this helps and have a great night!



Thank you for such a quick response. Amazing customer service!

I tried the pull-to-refresh and closing-restarting the app last night, but it didn’t make any difference. The data seems to be almost consistent across devices today.

There are two things I’m seeing this morning:

-The new PWS is still not showing up on tablet dashboard and it’s missing the Set Weather Station button. The PWS is checked and seen on the map though. My Windows 10 app is missing the button too, but I don’t remember if it was ever on there.

-The moisture percentage is off by 1% on some zones between the tablet and iPhone, but that is not a big deal.

Thank you all!

Thanks for reporting this @Sprinklerman.

I’ve recorded these for the development team and will have them prioritize accordingly. We are rebuilding our mobile and web app for a big software release this year so are almost exclusively focused on that. These issues will naturally be fixed in the new app. I’m sure there will be other ones in the new app we will be fixing :wink: