Moisture Levels = 0 and other issues

Any help or ideas appreciated for the following multiple irregularities since 2.0 released:

  1. Getting Moisture level = 0% for all flex zones. ie.: No data or dead wrong.(No data on graphs b/c moisture always= 0) It is likely closer to 100% - See 3 below
  2. Some zones are reported to be “not scheduled” to be watered, ever.
  3. Conflicts between Watering History, Schedule Updates and Device Updates. For example, I last got a Rain Sensor activated message June 22, 15. I would then get daily messages that scheduled watering was cancelled because of the activated sensor. It has been wet here and it appropriately remains activated. This morning I got no such message about it being active and cancelling the schedule, just the message that the scheduled irrigation was not skipped because of the data from the weather station.The Watering History, however, does not indicate that anything was watered this moring, suggesting that the activated rain sensor prevented the irrigation cyle from running. I thus don’t know if irrigation ran or not.

I appreciate any help or suggestions.



Thanks for reaching out to us. Would you be willing to email us at with the email associated with your account? Once we have that we can review your account to see what might be going on.

Thanks again,

Will do. Thanks for the prompt reply!