Moisture level

Where can I find the moisture level in my app.

Speaking for Android and not sure if iOS is different . . . oh wait, are you referring to a soil moisture sensor or a calculated moisture?

If the latter . . . If you click on the “IRRIGATION” button on the bottom, you will see your zones. Under each zone name, you should see “Soil Moisture: %”. Actually, another question is . . . what schedule type are you using: fixed, flex monthly, or flex daily?

If I remember correctly, that might be why you are not see it. A post by @tmcgahey in Soil Moisture No Longer Displayed - Troubleshooting - Rachio Community indicates (yes, this quote is out of context as is):

Flex Daily is the only schedule that really tracks “real time” moisture levels.

Thank you, my next question is, is there a guideline when I should choose daily or monthly flexible scheduling?

Others have explained it better than I could and I found several here in the forums. Below is one such one . . . does this answer your question?

Flex daily is a phenomenal and powerful scheduling system, but does require you to make sure that you have all your settings dialed in as accurately as possible in order for it to function its best. If you are willing to take a little investment in time and really learn your system, Flex Daily is the way to go, IMHO.

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I actually think Flex Daily is no more difficult to get “dialed in”. The difference is after setting up Flex Daily, we expect it to work without any manual intervention at all, and unless it’s “dialed in”, that can’t happen. We accept that with Fixed schedules, that WE are responsible for the results, and even Flex Monthly, as it does not vary except at the beginning of a new month, we keep an eye on higher moisture or temperatures. NONE are set and forget without first being dialed in; it just isn’t possible for Rachio to know all of our unknowns.

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Agreed. Garbage in garbage out. If Rachio isn’t loaded with the correct information, it can’t make accurate decisions about watering. Only time I touch mine these days is when I overseed winter grass. I don’t know the last time I touched my drip zones…