Moisture level snapshot card in MY YARD

To have a quick overview of the moisture levels in our yard, I would like to suggest a simple card listing all zones at once. Below are two coarse visualizations of the same data set for 8 zones. This would be a highly useful snapshot, avoiding clicking through all the zones. Another addition could be to put the current moisture level on each zone card.
Any chance of getting it into the pipeline?


I’ve also thought that would be a really useful view to have.

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Great idea!

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NIce idea :slight_smile: I’d like to see this number in the ‘My Yard’ section like so:


Hi all-
Love to see these mock ups you guys have made up, they look great! Just to get more information, is the issue here that you want a place where you can see the overall “status” of your lawn, rather than having to switch through the individual zones?

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Exactly … is nice information to know without having to drill down to find it. This one is probably harder to accomplish, but even a visual cue like so would be cool :slight_smile:


Being able to see current moisture levels from the Dashboard instead of having to click 2-3 links to get to it would be a great change


Great suggestions! Would also love to see sparkline representations of the moisture chart on the zone card. Sorry - no time for a mock-up :wink: