Moisture level chart changes, good and bad


I love the change to showing the current day and two future days, but this change broke the web app display a bit on the web app (at least using Chrome on IOS 11). The web app used to be my go to place for looking at the charts and details because everything was shown on one page. But this is what I see now.

If I scroll around, I can eventually see this.

But I used to be able to see the chart AND all the detail data at the very first click. It was one of the reasons I used the webpage for looking at things. It used to display well. Can you please put the old display back, but keep the change of showing the current day plus two future days?


Yeah but did you notice how FAST it loads? :wink: Web team is reviewing the issue.



:rofl: :beers:


Fyi. On my Android app, on any zone that I’ve changed the Mad from default, on the moisture graph, the Allowed Depreciation is displaying with a precision of 12 decimal points, 40.000000159384% for instance.

When I changed the value I did not use slider, I typed it in as 40.


Thanks, I’ll make sure the engineering team review and round that value.