Moisture Level Change no rain or irrigation

Any idea why my zone moisture level would go from 75% to 110% overnight with no rain. The system seems to think I received .47 of rain. I’m connected to my personal weather station KSCMYRTL52 but it doesn’t indicate rain. Future days show forecasted but the zone moisture level usually doesn’t change on forecast only actual rain.

I have been keeping a close eye on the moisture level of my zones, and it keeps updating throughout the day as conditions change. The end-of-day moisture level includes the forecasted or actual rain for today’s date, and future dates include forecasted precipitation.
Is there any rain expected on 6/30 in your area?
If no rain occurs, or forecast changes, you will see the moisture levels updated intraday.

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Thanks any idea how often or when the zone moisture level updates?

I have checked after 15 minutes of a rainfall, and the moisture levels matches the personal weather station I have chosen for my controller. So it seems very reactive.