Moisture Chart shows more precip than PWS

Finally got my Gen 3 installed yesterday (yes, I know I’m late to the program but my excuse is that I’ve been traveling and I wanted to install it when I was going to be home for awhile).

When I was on Gen 1, I was using PWS_28105 for my weather station. After the Gen 3 install, the weather station is now KNCMATTH2. Best I can tell, this is one and the same weather station.

Data looks good until July 25. The PWS station shows .02 inches of precip for the day. But the moisture level chart is showing .26 inches. Something seems off.

(Same zone — data shown from new Gen 3 and then from old Gen 1)

Also, I just noticed that the Crop Eto also changes, even though the only change was the controller itself?

Interesting. Good idea to check those charts before and after!

@Linn This was a good one. When you added the Gen 3 yesterday we artificially change your soil moisture to match the legacy zones. When we change soil moisture levels we persist the data at that “time”. At the time of persistence the forecast was for .26 inches of precipitation and that’s what was set in stone for that day. All the other days look good. You shouldn’t have any precipitation discrepancies moving forward.


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Yeah, too many years spent as a mainframe systems programmer are still ingrained in me. ALWAYS have a backout plan. Only change one thing at a time. Always check before and after. ----- I can’t seem to break any of these habits. Guess it’s a good thing?


I say it’s definitely a good thing.

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@Linn, I would never had thought I would see Mainframe mentioned in a site like this, but anyway, I manage over 50 of the things… Maybe as Rachio grows they will need one :slight_smile: