Moisture Balance

We’ve been getting a lot of rain at my home lately (normal for this time of year).
The moisture balance hasn’t really fallen much below 110% as we’ve been getting good rain here.

Last night we were received .51" of rain which stopped around 10:50pm. I woke up around 6a and noticed the moisture balance only read 61% where as other days where we only received 0.20" each day it would read 110%.

It seems odd that the moisture balance doesn’t read “full” after getting over 0.5" last night, but days/nights prior receiving less rain but reading full.

Any ideas?

Was this on the moisture graph, or the percent listed for the zone? The moisture graph shows the value after the day is over. So today would show the moisture after a full (probably hot) day. Although a drop from 110% to 61% in one day seems high, if it drops 49% each day, then it would water again day after tomorrow, which isn’t unreasonable in one day.

It’s showing that for both the graph and percentage.
Here are a few screen shots.

ET of .25 on 7/15 us pretty darn hot, so soil moisture drops like a brick. Does this align with the actual temperature forecast?

It hasn’t been too crazy hot today.

The 90* temp was for a total of approx 20-30 min

you can try find your local ET numbers to verify Rachio’s 0.25.

I looked around but couldn’t find anything

Hm… interesting, I can’t find any ET data for Lee County either. What’s even more troubling is that the WPS listed on your moisture table doesn’t seem to have any data: I don’t believe Rachio uses PWS data for ET numbers, but if this station is indeed unreliable, you may have a problem with correct estimates of daily precipitation rates.

Hm… That’s weird that the weather station is showing offline. The 520 is my own station (Tempest). When I go under my Weather Underground account it’s showing it online and reporting.

When I try to search my station on the map it’s not showing. Weird

Ah, ok. Given that there are precipitation numbers from a few days back, it’s likely that everything is working fine, but I’d keep my eye on it just in case when the next rain comes.

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At 100% moisture, you only have 0.24" of water in your soil. Do you have sandy soil or something that has very low available water? Only being able to hold that much water will cause watering almost every day in the summer, I would think.

It’s fairly sandy/sandy loam.
In the summer it will typically water every other to every 3rd day.

I have the soil set to sand but may try to change it to loamy sand
We haven’t had rain in over 24-hrs and I can still feel the moisture in the soil.