Mobile App feature request

In the app, on the main screen all of my zones are shown with the beautiful custom picture that I’ve assigned to each zone. When I tap that zone, I would expect to be able have an option to manually run that zone. But all that’s there are the settings for the zone (vegetation, soil, exposure, etc). Can you add a button on this screen that then lets you select how long you would like it to run?

Thanks for your consideration. Keep up the great work.



This is a very intuitive idea!!!

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I agree! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually opened a zone thinking I could run it Fromm there.

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Agreed. This was the feedback from a landscaper as well. The pictures show where the zones are, but you lose that information when you go to the manual screen. Despite my amazingly accurate names that make sense to me. For my use case there would be two ways to run a zone:

  • One would be from the tile (as suggested)
  • Second would be the manual screen; however it would be a checkbox rather than a single selection dropdown.
    Something like:
    [x] All Zones
    [] Zone 1
    [] Zone 2

    [] Zone you get the idea :slight_smile:

After having spent over a month now with my Rachio, I’ve had more time to think about this. I think the more intuitive way to see this would be as follows:

  1. the first screen is largely a “current status” screen. Keep the status of my device, the local weather & forecast and the summary of gallons used on this screen.
  2. move the watering schedule and “My Yard” sections to the remote control (3rd tab) replacing the content there.

At the top of screen 3, show me my watering schedule with all of my programs so that I can easily see or run a schedule. If I think my yard is a little dry and I want to run a manual, unscheduled program this would make it easy to do.

Below the watering schedule, show the picture of all of my zones. When I tap on any zone, the first thing under the picture should be “Run Now” with the option to set the minutes. This makes it easy to manually water a problem zone (my flower beds need more water, but I don’t want to water the whole yard).

The problem right now is that I stare at my list of 16 zones and can’t remember exactly which is which. So I tab over to the 1st tab, figure out which one I want (the pictures help A LOT) and then go back to the 3rd tab to manually run that zone. This became much more painful when I setup a Rachio for my Dad and tried to show him how to do this. It just seems a little too complicated.

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. I don’t think you need to create any new functionality but perhaps rearrange what you already have just a little bit.

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Great idea. I’d also like to be ale to run a schedule for that zone that did not run as scheduled because of a internet outage. In other words be able to call up that failed schedule and run it from the zone picture screen. Only thing one can do now is go to manual mode and select a run time.