MOAR 2.0 iOS Beta Testers

First round of beta testing has gone well, we’ve gotten invaluable feedback, found a fair amount of defects.

We are going to get another build out today, and I would like to open it up for moar testers.

PM me if you want to use the 2.0 iOS Beta.



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We Android users are patiently standing by, ready to help…

Thanks, will get those builds out ASAP, hoping sometime next week.


How will we know when the update has been pushed?


You will get an email from TestFlight when we publish a new build.

I would like to beta test franz…I have tested various software and can devote the time:)

Fantastic, if you PM me your Apple login email address, we will get you setup in TestFlight.

I just got mine a week ago but always happy to participate in Beta programs.

Great, if you can PM me your Apple login email address will get you setup in TestFlight. Thanks!


Sent - Thanks!!!

Perfect! Thanks - looking forward to this.

:blush: I would love to help test 2.0, if you still need it! Thanks

@conrad314 Great, just PM me your Apple login email address and I’ll get you setup on TestFlight.


I can’t find the private message :grin:

@franz - i saw this thread and thought you were asking for testers of a new app plug-in called, “MOAR”. I couldn’t figure out what the acronym meant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I guess this probably makes me unqualified to be a beta tester, but I don’t know how to do a PM here. I would like to be a beta tester however.

@conrad314 You can just click on my name above (franz) and from the popup PM.

I think it’s a security issue. New users cannot send PMs.

I’m interested for sure.

I am interested!