Mixed crop zones and scheduling

Hi, some history, bought a Rachio v1 and Skydrop long time ago, tried both, Skydrop’s mobile app was much better than Rachio, sold Rachio, still using Skydrop, getting annoyed by Skydrop UX bugs and poor release QA.

I could never use the dynamic schedules as I have trees and seasonal flowers on the same zone, and one of the two will die if scheduling is only shallow or only deep. This is to my knowledge still the same for Rachio and Skydrop, e.g. the flexible daily schedules FAQ says not to use it for mixed crops.

I am so tired of Skydrop UX bugs, that I’m again considering Rachio, there is now a v2 hardware, and I believe the app was completely rewritten.

I understand in Rachio I can create fixed schedules with start and end dates, and water e.g. every day shallow in summer for flowers, once per week deep for trees, and reduce shallow watering days in the winter.

Is there a better way to do this in Rachio v2?
E.g. mixing two different daily or monthly flex schedules on the same zone, configuring one for seasonal flowers, and one for trees, and having both schedules run on the same zone?

Any other good ways of doing running mixed crops on the same zone?

Yes, there are start and end dates for schedules. I’m son other people will chime in, but I think what you’re suggesting is the only way to do what you’re looking for.

Can I run double two monthly flex schedules with different crop types for the same zone?

I wish I could say yes, but there really isn’t a great way to do this, since a zone has one moisture level that we track towards.

I don’t know how we would be able to track multiple crop types. Can you re-configure the zone? :wink:


For flexible monthly schedules the frequency (watering intervals) is derived from the zone attributes (root zone depth, allowed depletion, crop coefficient, etc.) which will be different per crop type. It will get adjusted each month, but I’m assuming if that different parts of the zone have entirely different watering requirements flexible monthly might still be a poor choice.


I just replaced the Skydrop withe the Rachio v2, had some trouble with wire connectors getting stuck, and had to do hard reset as controller connected to WiFi but never came back from cloud, second time round it connected fine.

I created fixed days schedules, one for short shallow watering, and one for long deep watering, I left the smart cycle and weather intelligence on.

Is there a way I can see how weather intelligence will adjust the schedule over the seasons?

I’m wondering if I need to create create two shallow schedules, one for summer and one for winter, or if I can create one schedule based on summer / dry / hot conditions / daily watering, and have weather intelligence reduce watering to every few days?

You should be able to scroll the calendar between months (iOS/Android) and tap on the individual days to see how the individual zone durations change.

A flex daily schedule will adjust each day to real-time weather.

A flex monthly schedule will be adjusted at the beginning of each month if you still would like the predictable interval based schedule.

Hope this helps.