Mister setup for deck, running off sprinklers

HI all,

I was thinking of putting a mister system on my deck to help keep cool on HOT days. Figured I could run it off of the sprinkler system and use the Rachio to control it. Has anyone else done it? If so, have any recommendations on what you used?

@thepro8, sounds awesome! I want one :smile:

Assuming it’s powered (or activated) using a 24VAC valve, you could setup an IFTTT recipe to trigger anytime the temperature goes above “x” degrees. Alternatively, if you only want it to go on while you’re home or outside, you could use the remote control or another integration to trigger the zone to turn on.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone who has done this can recommend a mister system to use. Found this one on Amazon…you’d just need a 24VAC valve to control the water flow to it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Emil. I was thinking all manual control using the IRO controller so no need to for IFTTT. I’ll take a look at the valves and see if I can come up with as system that works.

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I intend on doing the same thing once I get a patio cover installed in my backyard (hopefully this spring). My plan is to use a PVC mister setup like the one in the Amazon link above. When I installed the irrigation for my backyard grass I installed an additional in-line valve at the same time which I will use to feed the misters. I will update this post once I get it installed.

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I just finished setting one up on my patio. I purchased an Arctic Cove Misting Kit from Home Depot. The system is intended to attach to an outside water spigot, but I used a PVC adapter with a threaded male end to connect it to a PVC line that runs back to a 24 volt inline valve. I connected that valve to my Rachio and now I have a smart misting system. I created a zone labeled “Misters” but did not attach it to any schedule. I only use it in manual mode. It’s quite nice to be able to “set it and forget it.” I did install a ball valve downstream from the sprinkler valve because I was concerned that the water pressure might be too much for the misters. I figured I could restrict the flow some if that was the case. Turns out it was not necessary, but whatever, it was only a couple dollars.

I just noticed this is an old thread… so probably too late for the OP, but using a drip zone valve designed for low flow with a built in filter and pressure regulator would be the best option for the control valve. I use one of these on the drip zone for my patio containers.


@hummervette I’ve done this before using a hose bib connection. The issue I had was that house pressure works, but isn’t enough to really mist in very fine droplets. The drops were too heavy and soaked everything really quick. The high end mist systems use a pump with high pressure to atomize the water.

@Sprinklerman I hadn’t checked out misters for cooling, didn’t know they liked high pressure, but it makes sense. I have used rainbird misters in my drip irrigation zone, they run at 30 PSI like the other drip emitters, but they probably don’t create the fine mist needed for cooling.