Missing something on rain skipping?

Hello. I’m new to Rachio & sprinkler systems completely. I have a Gen 3 and am getting ready to seed my cool season lawn, so I have been watering the soil a lot to get it saturated. I’m going pretty aggressive right now and watering on a fixed schedule @ 3m per zone every 2 hours.

Yesterday we received rain, and last night it poured all night. I woke up and of course being anxious checked and my Rachio was watering and trying to out perform the torrential rain. It ended up raining about .6 inches.

My Rachio is set to skip watering at 0.125" rain. I believe I was using all weather stations last night, but today I changed to a local PWS. Do I have this setup right? Shouldn’t it be skipping?

Thank you in advance – The weather intelligence is why I bought this system and right now, I’m concerned.

I didn’t get a response on this and Rachio support said it should be working (in other words), so I did some testing and found the reason.

So in case you were wondering, apparently weather intelligence is not available for fixed schedules on an hourly basis. It is available for fixed schedules of other recurrence types, but not hourly. Since I’m seeding new grass, I have it watering small amounts more frequently, so I’ll just have to stop it manually for now. Hopefully this helps anyone else who may be trying to water on an hourly recurrence and wondering why their sprinklers still run in a downpour.