Missing notification when Rachio goes offline for more than 24 hrs

Why am I not receiving notifications when my Rachio goes offline? I have a Gen2 8 zones for about 2 months now, running Flexible daily schedule. I get push notifications when it waters. However, twice now it’s gone offline for more than 24 hrs and both times I did not receive either an email or ios app push notification. I verified all Email and Mobile Notifications are selected in my app User Preferences.

I’m not sure what’s causing the Rachio to go offline. It may have been a power outage, but I would have expected it to reconnect automatically. What’s strange is, restarting the Rachio doesn’t help. I have to restart my router, even though everything else connected to the router works fine. What could be causing it to go offline?


Hey @dwestall-

Have you checked that your notification settings are consistent the web app and mobile app? It happens very rarely, but sometimes these can get out of sync and cause issues. Also, keep in mind you will not get a notification unless your Rachio has been offline for at least 24 hours. I will do some testing on my phone to see if I run into the same issues with notifications.

As for the falling offline issue, it sounds like it’s router related because it is only resolved by restarting your router. What type of router are you using? Is this something that is just occurring recently, or is it an ongoing problem?

McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks for the reply. I confirmed my notification settings are in sync across both web and mobile apps. I’m certain at least one time the Rachio was offline for more that 24 hrs because I watched it to see if it would come back online automatically, which it never did.

My router is an Asus RT-AC68U with latest firmware installed. I have over 10 wireless devices connected at an any one time and they all continue to work fine. Even the Rachio appears to be connected when I look at the router app, though the Rachio app shows offline.

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