Missing moisture graph for Fixed (broken on Flex for android)

I’m no longer seeing the moisture graph on the website for my fixed zones but I do for my flex zones. On the android app when I click the moisture icon for a flex zone nothing shows up (S6 w/Android v6.0.1).

My main issue is with the lack of graph for the fixed zones. I can’t switch to As Needed because I can only water on certain days and today my watering was skipped so I’d like to check the graph to see what went into that decision and help confirm my zone is as wet as Iro thinks.

A related annoyance is that the Climate Skip notice isn’t configurable. It be nice if it could warn me earlier that it was going to skip the watering. By the time I wake up and see that notice it’s too late to manually schedule it and have it finish before my allowed watering window is over. I’m fine with it making the final decision an hour before but how about an additional 12hr advanced warning email when a skip is likely.

Thanks for the feedback. I have our Android team reviewing.

Really appreciate the feedback and will make sure the product team receives this. We are continuing to refine the product based on this type of invaluable feedback.


We weren’t able to reproduce your error, as the graphs seems to render. Can you PM (click on my name -> Message) screenshots I can share with the team?


Today’s update broke the moisture graphs on my Nexus 6P running Marshmallow 6.0.1. Was working with each update prior to today.

App version is 2.5.1-172

I’ll PM you a new(er) Android build to see if that fixes your issue. We are currently working on much faster graph loads :wink:



Franz, I’d like the link to a new apk as well.

The current app in the Play store should be working for moisture graphs and Android. If not just let me know and we can track down what the issue is. Hope this helps.


Confirmed. It works, but it’s still slow, hangs on Nexus 6. Will try on different controllers and report back.

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