Missing Irrigation Percentage

One of my zones watered this morning with a few others and that zone is missing the irrigation total in the soil moisture reading. It shows the flow in gallons that was added but didnt update the soil moisture.

Any help? @franz

Sometimes the tiles on the yard screen lag in updating. For the definitive log see the soil moisture chart for all the data that is used to determine when watering will occur.

The soil moisture chart didnt log it either. It shows no irrigation. But shows in gallons on zone page at the bottom.

Which zone?

Zone 4

I had the engineering team review and it looks like you cleared that moisture out this morning?

[RequestId=c4a733c6-9a10-40b4-9ae6-7b2237773dbc, Requester=[requester] DEBUG STI ##H=cv=3.8.70-5, M=PostMoistureLevelOverride, Req=zone_id: "d28bf0f8-…"date { year: 2019 month: 5 day: 15}moisture_percent: 0.0##


I did to make it run this morning. But emptied it out before the irrigation ran

Unfortunately it takes precedence over the day. If you were to have emptied it last night today’s values would look correct. You can always fill it up today manually :wink:


Ah ok that makes since. Thanks for the info. And definitely forgot about the manual fill lol. Thanks Franz