Missed Schedule - Can't Figure Out Why

First admission – this is my first week with the Rachio Gen 2. So, I still have A LOT to learn. I defined all 16 zones and created a Flexible Monthly Schedule that includes all zones. It watered the next morning (April 16) starting at 4 a.m. as scheduled. The next scheduled day was today (April 19). But today’s schedule did not run (see screenshot) and everything indicates that the next water will be April 22.

It may or may not be relevant, but after the first day, I changed a couple of sprinkler types and disabled one zone because nothing’s been planted in it yet but didn’t delete or recreate a schedule.

Why did it not water today?

Hi @gpeck!

When did you make the edits to the zones? Also, was the now disabled zone previously in the schedule?
Flex monthly schedules determine how often they run based off zone settings, and will run as often as the most sensitive zone in the schedule requires. If that zone you disabled was the most sensitive, when you removed it, the flex monthly schedule determined it could go another day between waterings! At least that is my guess. If that zone wasn’t in the schedule, let me know, and I will keep digging!

PS- I would recommend breaking your zones with different vegetation types into separate schedules. This makes your schedule even more fine tuned to your zones :slight_smile:

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@mckynzee… Everything was changed after the original schedule… nozzle changes, disabled zone, etc. So, if the “Flexible” Monthly Schedule can change on-the-fly based on these things, then it’s certainly possible that’s what happened. But, two things confuse me:
(1) Another KB article I read indicated that any changes to zones that would modify a schedule won’t take effect until existing schedules have been deleted and re-created – is that accurate?
(2) The calendar-with-drip-icons and zone notations of “next water date”: are those “estimates,” and not when things will actually be watered? If so, I might suggest that your software needs a basic re-think. Basic logic indicates that if the zones and calendar indicate that next water will be April 19, I would expect water on April 19! :wink:

And, I definitely need to do multiple schedules for various zones – for now, I’m just trying to figure out how one schedule works before I get more creative!

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Edit 4/20 6:30 a.m.
This morning, there was an e-mail and an entry in “Schedule Updates” indicating a skipped schedule because of forecast rain. This makes sense. But, what about my original skip with no notification whatsoever?