Migrating from flex daily to once a week

We are being asked to restrict our watering to once a week. Is there a way to migrate my Flex Daily to a fixed schedule? I poked a round but it wouldn’t let me change the schedule type.

Are there any considerations I should think of when watering once a week:

  • Evaporation consideration so well after sunset but not so late it will run into sunrise?
  • Before or after mowing?
  • ???

Turn on the watering restriction in the app for the schedule under interval

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You have to create a separate schedule. I would use your flex daily projections to come up with the right amount for each zone to water once a week but no more. You could use flex monthly and set it at once a week and the duration changes with temperature. It’s not as good as flex daily, but it is what it is.

It’s too bad that these watering restrictions actually INCREASE water usage for us smart controller users. I don’t understand why there isn’t an exemption for smart water controllers, such as the Rachio 3. I also think dumb irrigation timers should be illegal.

Thanks to both of you.
Ecobeard, I will bring up the point you make about smart controllers using less to council. The city gives them away to residents but maybe it wasn’t enough.

You could also try just setting the limits for days and making it so it can only choose one day to water…. Then you don’t have to redo your schedule at all.