Microsprinklers and pots?

Hello, I stumbled on IRO through the IFTTT website, and I’m very interested. I’ve trolled the FAQ, instructions and community board for information on using IRO with potted plants on my patio. Is there a way to use a combination of soil, shade settings to get the appropriate smart watering via the micro sprinklers in the pots as one of my zones?

Also, specifically about the micro sprinklers, would they be a custom sprinkler head?

Thanks very much.

@Journeymnn‌ – great question! Yes, the Iro can use a combination of settings to calculate water times for your pots. We would also need to use the Advanced Zone settings to adjust the root zone depth. Do you have an Iro currently? If so, I can send you the steps to setup your pots. If not, I could send you a link to download a virtual Iro to test out as well.

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I don’t have an Iro…yet. I have to rewire my sprinklers which are currently controlled by 3 units scattered around the house. Sure, a virtual link would be useful, if you can send it. Thanks again.

It would be great to see the setup for potted plants. I’m setting up a zone right now. Any help would be appreciated

What are micro sprinklers? I have potted plants that this would be great for!

@voigtritter, are you planting flowers? If so, I’d recommend using the vegetation type Annuals for your pots. Nozzle type is probably an emitter? Here’s a support article with some photos of nozzles out in the wild.

The hardest aspect to setting up watering times for pots is the size of pots varies greatly; even for one user. If that’s your scenario, it might be best to customize the nozzle for each pot to try to match them to the pot size and water requirements of the plant. Here’s a good 3rd party article that goes into the details of drip system design for pots. :smiley:

@Professordave, micro sprinklers (aka micro sprays) are referred to as misters in the Rachio app. See the bottom photo in this support article to see them in action.

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Hi i have an iro and would very much like help with setting up watering of pots with drippers
Thanks in advance