Micro Climate Adjustment

The rear of my house is a west facing, almost entirely brick facade, that heats up and radiates back creating a micro climate that’s anywhere from 5-10° warmer then actual local weather.

I’m currently using a flex schedule for the grass back there and have noticed it’s starting to look a little dry which I’m attributing to a micro climate that is increasing the ET for the zone.

My question is, what lever(s) within the zone setting or watering schedule is/are best to account for such a phenomenon?

Thanks in advanced.


If you want to adjust the watering frequency, you can move the ‘Allowed Depletion’ in Zone Settings --> Advanced.

By decreasing it you will increase watering frequency as well as decrease the watering time.

You can move the dial down 5%-20% and look on the calendar to see how this will adjust your zone watering frequency, as well as overall watering duration.

Hope this helps. Here is some further information on the topic.