Metric settings: Use mm for precipitation

Why are you using cm as precipitation!? The unit for precipitation is millimeter (mm).
Using centimeters is like using feets for precipitation…

Using the soil moisture graphs vill not give any good overview. It makes no sense when cm is presented.


What do you mean?

Mm, cm, inches. it is a different display unit, shouldn’t be hard to offer users to decide which standard unit they want to choose in their general settings. Choice is of great value.

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This and a 24h clock would add value.


Any comments from Staff?

Hey @Arto & @sbarnhard!

Sorry for the delay here. You can update to U.S. Standard measurement units by going to the More tab > Account Settings > Measurement Units

Also, noted on the 24 hour clock :slight_smile: I’ll share that with the team.

Happy Monday!


Thank you for your answer. I think you misunderstood my point.
The suggestion/question is:

When using Metric System in the app, Rachio shows precipitation in cm (centimeters). This is wrong. Not a metric standard. Precipitation unit in Metric system is mm (millimeter) and mm/h.
My suggestion is to change cm to mm for correct metric standard.

Whoops! Thank you so much for clarifying that. Shooting that message over to our team to research further.


for your interest: the advantage of using mm metric, is that it has a 1:1 relation to liters. 1 mm rain= 1 liter rain per square meter. 15 mm rain on your 20 square meter garden, means 15x20= 300 liters of rainwater. Very straightforward, thus the metric standard for precipiation is most useful as mm, not cm. Thanks for setting it through. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! Makes a ton of sense. I’ve notified the team :slight_smile:

Now you just need to convince 325 million people the beauty of the metric system :wink: :smile:


Ha! I mean that’s not technically in my job description, but I suppose I can give it a shot :joy:


actually… if this helps: On NerdNite 2015 in Rachio own Denver, there was a lecture (with many funny examples, quiz) on why to change to metric and especially NOT cm (lol). Also great input on savings in construction waste and gauge sizes. :wink:


Well that’s awesome! Totally adding that to my to-watch list :slight_smile:

We have to suffer with decimal inches because the imperial system doesn’t like computers. Hard to find a measuring tape that can do .17"