Mesh Routers

I reached out to the support time via email to ask
“Can you please tell me if I use the Gen 2 controller with a NETGEAR Orbi AC3000 (RBK50) mesh network?”

The response took more than a week and was:
“Unfortunately, none of our controllers can work with a mesh network. You will need to set up a dedicated 2.4 Ghz network [we advise] to connect your Rachio controller.”

Just wondering if any community members are using the NETGEAR Orbi AC3000 (RBK50) successfully. If so did you have to telnet in and setup two different SIDs?

I’ve heard that thrown around before, but I have my Gen1’s (a 16 zone and 8 zone) both working perfectly on my Orbi Mesh. I think in previous firmware versions, Orbi had issues with devices like Rachio since there isn’t a dedicated SSID for the 2.4 and 5ghz bands.

Are you currently having issues setting yours up @DavidBQ?

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My Gen 3 works on my Google WiFi mesh.

If that is the answer support gave you, then someone needs to take a moment to train that support rep on what a mesh network is.:zipper_mouth_face:

Our Rachio Gen2 is connected to our Ubiquiti UniFi mesh equipment and is fine. I do have an additional 2.4GHz network running for equipment (Rachio and Sense) which cannot deal with the same SSID simultaneously on 5Ghz/2.4Ghz channels.

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From personal experience - I an running a gen 2 on an Orbing mesh system and it works flawlessly.


Ditto. Gen 3 on Orbi Mesh with no problems.

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I have a Rachio3 and at the original Orbi 3 Mesh system. The System works just great. It is connect via the 5 gHz network and the satellite which is closest to the Rachio controller (I have two satellites and the Orbi base is on the furthest side of the house from the controller.

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As of yet no because I have not made the change to a Mesh system yet. I will be in the next month or so.

Also working with Eero mesh system

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Working fine with Orbi RBR50 with two RBW 30 satellites. The Rachio 2nd gen unit is mounted where it connects to the base RBR50 directly, not through the satellites. Orbi frequecy adapts as needed to slower connections.

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I just replaced my AC68u with a single eero Pro. I’ve a small house. So it’s not mesh right now but it uses the same SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. My 2nd gen Rachio controller had no problems signing in and is stable (kept the same SSID and password to not put myself through heck redoing every device’s WiFi credentials). So I’m pleased especially with seemingly better WiFi now.


I’m running a Gen 2 Rachio on an Orbi network and it’s running just fine. :+1:
I think my Rachio is connecting to one of the Orbi satellites.
I have found Rachio support folks to be helpful and generally know their stuff…
However at times, they do appear to be under staffed – a week is too long for a response.


I have had more issues with my Orbi than with the Rachio Gen 2 in my garage. My Orbi system consists of an RBK50(RBR50 router and RBS50 satellite), plus an RBW30 out in the garage. I also have two Rheem water heaters with Econet wifi controllers, and a Ring Doorbell 2.
As an early adopter, the Orbi gave me fits, but almost two years later, Netgear has its firmware and app working well. If your Orbi kit is not running firmware v., upgrade it. The current version of the Orbi app is v.
Good luck!


Hey I have had this problem after power outages, if it doesn’t auto reconnect, I just set the 5GHz transmission power to 25% to ensure it connects to the 2.5GHz band then put the 5GHz back on once connected. I think it is because I have my controller on the edge of the coverage outside.



Thank you everyone for replying.

I’m using an Orbi RBK33 with my rachio 3. Now, that being said, if the gen 2 is 2.4ghz only then it will not even pick up the 5ghz band from the Orbi. I can compare it to some WiFi cams I have connected that are 2.4 only and connect without any issue because once again, it will not see the 5ghz. IMHO, you should not have an issue connecting with orbi’s single SSID triband.

Works fine with my Aimesh (Asus).

I have a similar set up. Orbi RBK50 mesh system, Emerson Sensi thermostat, Rachio second Gen. The app is are on the iPhone 12. Before I switch my old router with the Orbi, any advice on getting everything to work correctly? Thank you

I’d hold off - my eperience has changed on the later Rachio firmwares…while the controller works just fine as a smart irrigation controller, HomeKit is broken on my Orbi mesh system.

The beta Rachio is currently in seems to address it, i’d hold tight or just expect HK integration to break for the time being.

Thank you. But setting it to work with the apps on my iPhone 12 which is on 5ghz should be an issue. What about just setting the devices up to the wifi, Did u have to make some setting changes to accomplish this?