Merging multiple controllers schedule

I have 2 Rachio controllers, a #2 and a #3. I just added #3 since I needed more zones for my yard. When will Rachio provide the merging of 2 or more controller schedules together as 1 combined schedule?


Hopefully soon or a controller with more than 16 stations

Don’t hold your breath. @franz has made it pretty clear that it isn’t on their roadmap due to the extremely small number of consumers that need more than 16 zones.

If Rachio is counting, count me in as a person with two controllers which I would like to treat as one big one. I doubt it is that uncommon!


Count me in. I Have 3

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I have 5 controllers. I use the IFTT app to download actuals into a google spreadsheet and then create an integrated schedule based on actuals. Still don’t see individual stations. so I create that to equal run times. Would be nice if Rachio did this.

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Count me in as well! I’ve been requesting this for almost four years. I have four controllers. Currently just using three (combined zones to make scheduling easier).

Not all my controllers have 16 zones being used. It’s the fact that I have 2.5 acres and not all my zones are wired back to a central location. I have two controllers in one location (Combined the zones on these), and two others in two completely different locations.

I spoke to someone at Rachio a couple of months ago and she said that was a smart idea. She said she had never heard of this feature request before and was going to definitely suggest it. Again, I can’t possibly imagine it’s really that rare…I just don’t think people are voicing their requests and are just dealing with it…

 Count me in for support of merging multiple controllers. I have 2 running off the same water source.  It is a pain in the .... to switch between the 2. 
  Also, only 1 has the flow sensor for the whole system.  Therefore when the 2nd one runs, I can’t tell how much water is being used in those zones. Therefore add the capability to collect water flow day across several controllers as well.
 Wayne in Idaho’s Magic Valley

Put me down too. I have 28 zones. (and would like a couple more)