Meet the Rachio 3 Smart Water System (aka Wireless Flow Metering!) :rachio:


Is anyone with an underground install planning on doing this anyway? Maybe with a valve box like this?

Or a waterproof project box like this?


I have 22 zones, what are my options with the Rachio 3 and the flow sensor? The flow sensor can only connect to one Rachio? What is if I have two flow sensors? Is water consumption counted twice?


@timber Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I didn’t see it anywhere.

If you have a PWS, will the Gen3 be able to use your PWS data?


The water would not count twice, I would not suspect. What I would be concerned about is leak detection firing when the adjacent controller runs


Has anyone actually received their Rachio3 unit yet in the mail? I ordered mine a week ago and haven’t received word yet if it’s even shipped.


@aLTeReGo pending the date you ordered, your unit will probably ship the week of May 7th or May 14th. More details are available here:


@Sprinklerman – it could; curious as to why you’d want to do this?

No, just the distance needed for fittings and such. Learn more about the flow meter install here:

Good catch on the warranty; we’ll need to revise for the flow meter as it’ll obviously get wet.

@RLangerman – what is your water supply to the valves? We recommend after the backflow as the flow meter is not rated for potable water. Perhaps you could install another anti-siphon valve as a master valve so that the water supply doesn’t feed back into your drinking water :wink:

@sbrunner – at launch, we’ll support one flow meter to one controller. However, supporting multiple flow meters per controller is on the backlog.

@LTC – yes, keep an eye on this support article for details:


@emil Because around here master valves are installed after the double check. So, on any retrofits the master valve would have to be moved down to place the flow sensor after the double check.


What if one water source is used to feed more than one controller? Would you consider updating the flow sensor so it may have a pairing relation with more than one controller? It seems like two flow meters on the same line may be a challenge depending on how much exposed pipe there is.

For example even though it isn’t the same tech, but how a Bluetooth speaker can be paired to more than one phone.


This is how I have mine installed (wired)…, after the master.


I have been installing all of my flow sensors after the master valves.