Maybe my flow sensor is broken?

I’m trying to figure out if my flow sensor is broken, rachio reports 56,000 gallons used on the 14 and 15th of April. This does seem right.

@plainsane, I’ll have the flow team take a look at your data logs and see if they see anything abnormal. Will follow up with you tomorrow.

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Pingity ping ping
The 17th showed 1.2 million gallons being used. I guess I’m going to assume that the sensor is not working correctly.

@plainsane, haven’t forgotten about you! Having some smarter people than I review your logs and figure out what’s going on. Please leave the system as is for now. Do you happen to have any meter readings from the same time periods to cross reference?


@emil smarter than you?! Didn’t know that was a thing

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Did you forget about this?


You caught me…

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I’ll get some readings at the meter this weekend.

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Yeah, that’s way more accurate.


Don’t spend too much time, I can check the resistance on my end, I had to unplug the ground on Sunday but it was super secure afterwards, plus I was having the problem on Saturday too, so I just thought I’d ask first before I go pull the tee apart.

I do have meter readings that do not line up to this usage number. I couldn’t get a meter on it this past weekend but I’ll try this weekend.

@plainsane, thanks for the update. Can you please send me the meter readings you have? I’ll review them with the team to see if we can figure out the variance.

I’ll get the meter readings to you this weekend, in the mean time, I thought could adjust the k and offset via the app, or did,I imagine that.

So weird, yesterday I ran a zone for 4 minutes and my usage graph show ~300 gallons used, today a different zone ran for 12 minutes and showed maybe 40-50 gallons used. This same zone when ran manually last month showed 100,000 gallons used. I guess the sensor is broken?

My sensor can’t physically handle these velocities.

But today’s reading look accurate. And I don’t thing there is a break in the irrigation, I would see these water amounts rising to the surface.

I assume y’all have changed something on your end, the flow sensor is working tip top.

The only I did was repurge the system which showed no effect on the 2nd.

This is not an issue, but just a heads up, it looks like the water usage graph in the iOS app is aggregating day on utc boundary.

Hey @plainsane-

Uh oh. How did you test the sensor? Are you sure there aren’t any wiring issues between the sensor and the controller? Knowing you, I’m assuming yes. But have to ask. What are your zone sizes set at? Since this only affects usage estimates, could you set those really low, and tell me what your usage comes out as? This will tell me if we’ve reverted back to estimates for some reason or another… Let me know.

McKynzee :rachio:

If you look at my account activity, Tuesday I purged the system again, ran zone 1 for 4 minutes, rachio reports over 300 gallons, that’s the only run for the day, went to bed, woke up the next day, my wife’s stopped zone 5 after 12 minutes, rachio reports 50 gallons. Last night ran zone 1 again for shiggles, 3 minutes, it reports about 12 gallons. These last 2 runs are very close to me math for each zone, so things just either started working in a manner overnight or the sensor pulled its head out of its ass.

I’ll set my zone footage very low tonight


@plainsane Ok, hoping things just started working, but keep me updated…

Oh they started working, I set my square footage to 1 on all zones, next time it runs I hope the numbers still look legit.

Y’all didn’t upgrade anything early week?

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Not that I know of, we had a small connectivity issue but it was brief and shouldn’t have affected this. @franz Are you messing with @plainsane’s flow to cause issues?