Master Zone Fault - Help!

I just installed a Gen 3 and am getting a Master Valve Fault. My old controller (Hunter) was working great. I have 2 wires going to the MV hole and 5 going to comm ports. This is how the hunter was setup.

I called support but it keeps hanging up on me after 10 minutes.

Any suggestions?

Do your MV wires go directly to the pump or do they go to a Pump Start Relay in a separate box before it goes to the pump? If the wires go to a separate box first you may want to change your settings.
Select the “MORE” icon in the app and then select “CONTROLLER SETTINGS”. Click on “Advanced Wiring (M Terminal)”. At that point try selecting the “Well or Pump Start Relay” option. See if that option works better for you.

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@jasonkiefer - can before or after pictures be posted of the wiring? Five wires to comm ports seems like a lot. I might join all the common wires together with a pig tail and connect just the pig tail to the C(ommon) port.

Can the irrigation setup be described in more detail (e.g. what are the two MV wires for)?

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