Master valve voltage

How many volts should be at the M tab (master valve) on a Rachio 3 controller in standby mode.

I believe in standby mode everything should be close to zero volts ac, including for the master valve. When configured correctly, the master valve should be at 24 volts ac when a zone is on. What are you seeing?

Thomas you are correct. I was just making sure i wasn’t going crazy. My Rachio 3 controller is giving me 24 vac when in standby mode.

That does not seem right as you are saying, but I do not know if there is some other reason that I cannot think of.

I think i have a bad controller. I’ve checked voltage on all 8 zones - all with 0 volts (naturally because i have no sprinklers running) I’m using Rain bird control valves all are normally closed valves. I have till spring to figure out the issue, probably replacing the controller. Thanks Thomas for the input.

I would suggest getting in contact with support.