Master valve settings

I have iron from my well water so I inject rid a rust into the supply line for my irrigation. The chemical works BUT it is expensive. I have 4 zones for my lawn that need the chemical injected and I also have 2 drip zones that DONT need the chemical injected.
I want to be able to turn the master valve terminal on or off by EACH zone in my program so I’m don’t inject the rid a rust into my drip zones. HOW can I do that??
I called your support team and suggested that they make that choice possible for each ZONE!!

That would cure my problem. Will you add that choice for me?
I’d have a gen 2 controller that is only 3 months old now and would be willing to buy the new gen 3 controller if that feature was added if necessary.

Are there any workarounds for my issue that you can suggest??


I’m trying to visualize what you’re talking about.

Does the master valve control the pump relay or the injection system?

How does the injection system work?

Why can’t the drip get the chemical?

Can you rewire the controller so that the four valves that need the rid-a-rust activate first and by the time the drip zones activate the chemical is depleted?

What kind of backflow device is on the supply after the well head?

The master valve controls the injection system. The injection system wii furnish chemicals for 175 hours per tank full. The rid a rust is expensive that’s why I don’t want to waste it on the drip system where it isn’t needed. I am also a snowbird and am back and forth from California and Florida. I’ll be gone 2 go 3 months at a time and want the chemical to last between trips. If the master valve can be activated PER each zone that would solve my problem completely. I understand from previous postings that Rachio has this software change on their schedule for the last 3 years or so. Isn’t it time they made that change?? I’m hoping they will since I love their controller EXCEPT for this issue!!


Also there is a check valve after the well so there is no backflip.

Backflow that is. Typo

I have this same issue. I have a well with Iron in the water. I use the Rid o Rust system to prevent my paver walkways from turning orange. The chemical is VERY expensive and I only need to run it on 2 out of 6 of my zones. I need the ability to control the master valve by zone. This feature is critical, the system is brilliant short of this issue. However, if this does not come on line soon, I will probably be reverting back to my old controller.

I would also like to suggest a Feature Request - Make the Master Valve controllable by each Zone Independently. Thus, if one wanted to turn the Master Valve only for Zones 1, 3 and 10, they could do so.