Master Valve Question

I have a Well at my home which has a pump and supplies water for my entire home, including the sprinkler system. I don’t have a separate we’ll for the sprinkler system. I’m wondering how I should set the master valve given this and the wiring diagram below?
Thanks for any help!

@mbaturin - I would probably set the “well or pump start relay” option to ON. A wire doesn’t need to be in the M terminal unless there is a dedicated master valve for the sprinkler system. My guess is that there is a pressure tank that will turn the well pump on when pressure drops to a certain level. This advanced wiring option will enable setting a delay to let the well recharge during watering.


Hmm ok - thank you for your answer, but to me it seems that you have to have a pump relay wired from the pump to it and from it to the rachio - which I do not have. So I do not believe my controller can currently speak to or control my pump in any way. This is why I was thinking it should be turned off. Via:

Not sure if I might be missing something though.

As @DLane has mentioned, your pump turns on automatically when it sees water usage, pump start relay is needed for a dedicated irrigation wells/pumps which lack that feature (auto start / stop). You can enable the well pump option without actually hooking anything up, this way the system will still let your well to recover without needing to rewire your setup.


Got it - appreciate the help @DLane and @Gene

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