Master valve problem

I’ve had the rachio 1. Gen. running perfect for a couple of months. Due to a small leak in a “hard to get to” underground pipe I decided to add a master valve.

The problem is that it won’t turn on…
I’ve tested the valve and wiring on a zone output and it works fine, so the problem is in the rachio unit.

I tried to delete and “reinstall” all settings, but no success. Also checked for bent pins on the back of the unit.

Anyone else experienced this?

Is the Master Valve setting enabled in the App in Advanced Device Settings?

Yes of course.

If you haven’t already done this:

I would troubleshoot the output at the Master Valve terminal and Common terminal. Install some wires long enough to run the wire below the panel and test the output with a volt meter during a manual test cycle.

That is my next approach, just haven’t had the time yet. Hopefully tonight.

The reason why I asked was that I suspected it may be a software issue.
I had similar problems on my first installation, the controller said it was watering with blue light on, but didn’t give power to the valves.
After delete and reinstall it all worked.
But it didn’t help this time…

@zubben Any success on getting your master valve working on your controller?

Well…yes… I bought this used on eBay…
When I received it I noticed a strange sound when tilting on it, like something was loose inside, but the unit seemed to work ok, so I didn’t worry.
But now, since the master valve didn’t work, I opened it up and immediately understood why it didn’t work and why there we’re something loose inside!

The loose part was part of a blown transistor++!!!

So, to make a long story short:

I have done some soldering work and replaced some components for the master valve output using parts from an unused zone output. My rachio now works fine, including the master valve output, but I only have 5-6 working zone outputs…

If anyone has a component list or detailed schematics I would be very happy as I’m not able to identify all components.


Well, nice job on identifying the problem on the board and the repair! Nice to know it wasn’t a software problem. I’d like to know what caused the board to fry. Lightening, shorted transformer, solenoid, etc. We may never know.

If you want to answer, what did you pay for the used unit on Ebay?

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@Zubben Wow look at that, something really fried it! Impressed by your handywork getting that controller up and running… I will PM you for a more long term solution!

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It hurts me to see a Gen 1 in such sad shape :frowning:

@mckynzee is going to help you out, our users shouldn’t have to piecemeal their controllers together :wink:


Here’s a marketing suggestion to further distance yourselves from the pack:

Offer a ‘half price no questions asked’ policy. Send in the old unit and for half price get a new unit.

This is win-win for all

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Thank you, from my experience as an appliance technician it really looks like a lightning damage since the master valve, zone 3, and also the power supply(maybe even more) was damaged. But I’m not 100% sure since the most fragile parts are still working!

I paid 99,95 plus shipping.

This is what the repair looks like.
There were also damage on the board in the back plate, that had to be soldered…
Just a little worried about the stability of the unit after this hard impact…
It has been raining a lot this summer so I’ve just used it for a few hours, but so far so good.