Master Valve Issue

Rachio currently does NOT support Master Valve enable/disable per station like older non smart controllers

My 15 year old Hunter Pro C like my older mechanical controller before it provided the ability to enable or disable the Master valve per station. A very useful feature that Ranchio does NOT support
i.e. :
Set Pump/Master Valve Operation
The default is for all stations to have the
master valve/pump start circuit ON. The
master valve/pump start can be set ON
or OFF by station, regardless of which
program the station is assigned.
To program pump operation:

  1. Turn the dial to SET PUMP
    OPERATION position.
  2. Press the or buttons to toggle the
    master valve/pump start ON or OFF for
    the specific station.

This feature is extremely useful feature to have when an installer uses one valve on a manifold to feed another manifold in another location !!!


@Ray Thank you for the detailed description of the need here! In the scenario you described, is there also a need to designate more than one master valve on a zone basis? For example, could the first manifold have a master valve before it, and then one of those valves on the manifold feed another manifold?

Iā€™d like to echo this suggestion. I have some zones that are drip and others that are rotary heads. The drip zones run for hours and running the booster pump is a huge energy waste.