Master Valve Fault Code on new Rachio 3

New system installed with a master valve , we are on a well , and operate on the iOS , since starting the system we get a Master Valve Fault, for every time a zone is activates, this for some reason is repeating a single zone to run 5 minutes and stop then repeat, First can anyone tell me what valve and operator will work with the Rachio 3, and not cause faults ? Please give recommendations if you have any. Things have not gone well for a new system, it would be very much appreciated for any help. Thanks in advance.


Here’s a link to the Rachio Support article about pumps and pump relays. Hopefully this addresses your issue:

Thanks for responding, I have a 24 volt operated 1” ball valve, that should be considered a master valve, it opens as it should but also puts the Rachio 3 in a fault mode , I don’t know what is causing the fault.

Actuated ball valves have far greater power requirements compared to regular valves. Rachio flags high current draw as a solenoid failure. You can overcome this issue by providing an independent power supply for your ball valve and controlling it from Rachio via a 24VAC relay, such as those usually used to control well pumps.

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Thank you very much, I had come to the same conclusion last night, and ordered an isolation relay with a 24volt powered coil.