Master valve control on app

I’m in need of being able to open master valve without running a zone. I know I can do it manually but that would be a pain. I’m needing it because other faucets on my property are tied into my irrigation lines.

@Cbmw6674 - is there a spare zone on Rachio that is not hooked up to anything that you can use as a proxy for a master valve zone?

All 16 are being used

@cbnw6674 - I’ve come up with three options:

  1. Depending on the similarity of the zones, one could double up to similar zones to free up a port on the Rachio.

  2. Use something like WeMo Maker (it may have been discontinued, there is one seller on ebay) to remotely (WiFi) or programmatically (IFTTT) close a relay to power the solenoid on the master valve.

  3. Use a manual switch to provide the 24 VAC for the master valve solenoid.

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I use a Z-Wave sytem (VERA) to control lights, garage doors etc in my home. I have addeda Z-Wave relay to the system (Qubino Flush 1D relay) which I can control from my phone - or a manual intermittent switch wired to the control terminals on the relay. Although I use mains voltage to run this relay, the switched pathway is voltage free so I can feed in DC from the IRO and the output to the master valve. In this way I can activate the master valve and use garden taps without switching on an irrigation zone.

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