Master Valve and Ball Valve Plumbing Help

Today I noticed a small leak [1] in my pipe and I was wondering if it makes since to have a master valve and the ball valve since I am going to have to fix the leak. I’m hoping I can just put some glue around it, but I might have to replace everything. Open to suggestion and recommendations on best setup.

Other setup pics

I’m also thinking I might need to install a backup preventer but since I am on a hill I am sure it will make everything damp around my foundation. Open to other suggestions on my setup.

@chadholdorf - having the ball valve will let one work on the master valve without turning the water off to a larger part of the water system. Even if you need to cut out the pipe to fix the leak I think you could limit the cutting to elbow in question. One would need to add a coupler and a small piece of pipe on the vertical run to get the new elbow down to the manifold level.

If you want to replumb more of the setup so there won’t be a coupler right next to an elbow, then I’d plan ahead and have enough vertical run (at least 14", I’d add another couple for comfort) to put a flow meter in at sometime in the future (would require a Gen 3 controller too - if you don’t have that).

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Thx @DLane. The elbow is where the leak is. I just don’t think I used enough glue and now it has a small leak. So I think I have to cut above the elbow, add a coupler like you suggested and then put in a new elbow. I think that is what you are suggestion. Thx

I do have a gen 3. Was debating if it is worth the $$ to buy a flow meter.

In addition to the sound advice from @DLane , I would also make sure to use primer on the mainline. Primer will give you a stronger adhesion of the blue glue to the pipe.

It is a standard practice to use primer and glue on any mainlines since they are normally subject to constant pressure.


Thx @spscoutenPhD. Guessing that would help. That makes since about the pressure. I noticed even the ball stop valve has a small leak on the shutoff switch. Should I be using something else because of the main pressure? Thx again.

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I typically recommend the brass ball valves since they are more stable under most of the nominal irrigation pressures. The PVC valves are not meant for frequent use nor under higher pressure situations.

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Like I mentioned in your other post, you also don’t have any backflow prevention in this system, so it might be something you want to look at. If you end up installing the backflow device you will be re-piping that section anyway and it will include a shut off valve (two actually). Based on your setup, I personally don’t think you need a master valve…

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Hi! Thanks for the tips!