Mapping Assistance Needed (Rainbird to Rachio)

Thanks in advance for all your help.

So I’m replacing my Rainbird with the Rachio 3. The numbers are self-explantory, but I want to make sure I don’t mess up the configuration with the first 5 wiring sections on the Rainbird.

I had a similar problem when I replaced my hunter pro c. I did know what any of those wires were. I just connected the common wire and the zones and capped off the others. Everything works.

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@whosainity - The C and M wires will need to be moved to the corresponding Rachio terminals. C is Common and M is Master Valve or Pump Start Relay. Be sure to enable the Master Valve option in the Rachio app.

The large orange wires in the 24 VAC terminals can be ignored. Follow those wires back to a transformer and unplug the transformer so it won’t keep sucking current and free up that plug slot.

The small wires (orange, black, green and white) in the 24 VAC and SENS terminals may go to a wireless rain sensor. This device is optional with a Rachio. Depending on the model there are installation instructions on the support page.

I’d make a quick run on all zones before disconnecting the Rainbird system to make sure there are no valve or wiring issues before starting the migration.

Welcome to the community and have fun with your new Rachio.