Manually run a *disabled* watering time

With 1.5, you can manually run a watering time - which is great - but it has to be “Enabled” to actually select it and run.

Can you also allow us to select ANY watering times - even those that are “Disabled”? I set up a “Disabled” schedule just to be able to run manually but have to go in and “Enable” it first, then “Save”, then go back to the home screen to “Manually Start”, then wait until the schedule is complete, go back in and “Disable” it, then “Save” so it doesn’t go off at the scheduled time.

Hopefully that’s an easy one for you guys for a 1.7 release. :slight_smile:


@Jer That makes sense and I was about to say we could get it in easily, but after looking at our firmware that schedule does not ‘live’ on the device if disabled. So, there is currently no way to do that :(. Thanks for the suggestion though, if the firmware is modified will let you know.

I second this as I have had this same issue multiple times already - just never got a chance to submit the issue.

@franz‌ Bummer - Unfortunately, not allowing “Disabled” watering times really only makes manually running a single zone convenient (which I do still utilize as well). I figured it was easy to add but now that I read your comment, it sounds like only “Enabled” schedules get pushed down to the device itself.

Would love to see this eventually make its way into the feature set. Hopefully there is enough memory/room on the device to fit the “Disabled” scheduled and push it to the device to allow manually running a watering schedule.

Definitely keep us posted on this one or if you and the team have any other ideas on how to get it working a different way.

@Jer @jeremyshultz‌ When we release our next firmware patch I can get this in. It makes sense to me. Thanks and have a great weekend.

@franz‌ Great to hear! Hope you had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

I am also looking forward to this feature. Thanks for the great work!

@raskev‌ @Jer‌ @jeremyshultz‌ The software gods have been kind this week. I figured out a way to run disabled schedules. In order to get the disabled schedule on the device just modify anything on it (i.e. name, etc.) and hit ‘save’. This will post the new ‘disabled’ schedule on the device. It can now be manually run from the dashboard ‘Play’ button. Enjoy!

@franz‌ - sorry - just saw this. figured it was going to take a while before you guys implemented given what you said above so i hadn’t checked in awhile.

well - as you said - great news! i just changed the name of the disabled watering time i had and BAM! it worked! thanks for getting that feature request in so quick - and it didn’t require a new version update to get it in (benefits of the “cloud”!).

thanks again!